Please click on the link to download the Rise ‘n’ Run 2.0 Registration Form. There are two options to return the form:

1) Scan the filled form and email it to

2) Hand it over personally at the Secondary School Building Office or bank in the money directly to us, after making the transaction,  please email us a scanned copy of the receipt for our reference.

3) We will produce another receipt for those who have sent us a scanned copy of their receipt (if payment was made through cash deposit via online banking or  via cash deposit machine). The receipt may be collected on the day of the t-shirt and running ID collection which is on Friday, 5/7/2013 and Saturday, 6/7/2013

4) Registration ends on the 14th of June 2013! 

Thank you!

Download here!:




i. Payment + form drop off at Sekolah Sri Bestari Secondary Office.

Weekdays : 7.30 am – 5.00pm

ii. Cheques are payable to ‘Lang Education Sdn. Bhd.’

iii. There will be NO registration on the day of the run, (7/7/2013).

T-Shirt & Running ID collection:

1) Pick up of running t-shirt and running ID will be on:

Friday, 5/7/2013 from 2pm – 4 pm

Saturday, 6/7/2013 from 11am – 2pm

Venue of collection: Sekolah Sri Bestari Secondary Concourse

– Prizes will be awarded to top 5 runners of the 5km and 7km categories respectively ONLY.

– Prizes will NOT be awarded for the 3km run.

– Runners are required to submit their names and running ID to the marshals at the finishing line.

– Medals MUST be collected on the race day itself. NO requests thereafter will be entertained.

– Grab a chance to win exciting prizes through the lucky draw by a maximum amount of 5 bottle caps when you collect the running t-shirt and ID or on the event day itself.


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